New Bluebook

Time for some new toys! 2017 Revised Blue Book_2.13

The Society Board has approved an update to the IFGS Blue Book. The biggest news is that Extreme Enhancements (+4 and +5 bonuses) for weapons and armor are now available as permanent effects. We also have a new game mechanic for learning (and pricing) additional languages.

There have been changes to the resale and trade-in policy to prepare for the new shinies, and, as usual, minor corrections here and there.

Happy looting!

March 2017 Playtest Rules Release

Here is the March 2017 Rules release from the FRC. This release contains the Optional Character Build Rules, the Bard Class, and the specializations for Cleric, Magic User and Rangers. Additional specializations will be released as they become available. Please send any feedback to FRC at IFGS.ORG. There will be a poll sent out towards the end of the season to solicit feedback from players. These rules will not become ‘official’ until the Society Board votes them as version 7.1 at the end of the year.

NOTE on Play Test Rules:
The current Optional Rules, Bard class, Cleric, Magic User, Ranger Specializations are play test only and no magic items may be created using the new abilities. Additionally, during the play testing time frame a PC is not locked into one of the new specializations since they are not ‘official’ yet. In fact, PCs are encouraged to try the different specializations and comment on them to the FRC.

Policy for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment

Adopted Policy for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment – Feb 16, 2017

presented by Patrick McGehearty. Downloadable  file

Starting in 2008, there was a roughly 5 times increase in the amount of CAP awarded per hour of effort in game support, sanctioning, writing, and similar activities to the current rate of 1000 CAP/hour for most activities. In recognition of past service to chapter building activities and in the interest of fairness to balance the inflationary effect of the 2008 CAP increase, we recommend a one time per early player adjustment in their CAP earned. Continue reading Policy for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment

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