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    Welcome to the home of the International Fantasy Gaming Society. We are a not-for-profit organization that produces fantasy-themed Live Action Roleplaying events. Our games are geared towards young and old alike, and provide opportunities for roleplaying, teamwork, safe live (boffer) combat, costuming, props-making, and many other creative outlets.

    High quality, campaign-style events are our hallmark. Amazingly detailed props, intricately designed sets, recurring NPCs, realistic costumes, real ropes courses, in-game banquets, life-size dragons, and many special effects have all been featured in our games. Our production standards help make IFGS games the highest quality games in the LARP industry.

    Take a look at some photos of our events, learn about what it's like to play in an IFGS game, and then get involved! The IFGS has chapters across the country. And if there's not one near you, you can start one!


    What's happening around the IFGS

    Society Registry Publishes Registry Handbook 3.16 (2013)
    Submitted by Olan Knight on 1/21/2014 - Society Admin

    The Society Registry has published the lastest version of the Registry Handbook v3.16 (2013) for immediate use throughout Society. See Registry Documents for the listing.

    Society Board Meeting Minutes Updated
    Submitted by Brett Paul on 1/20/2014 - Society Admin

    The Society Board meeting minutes have been consolidated for easier download. See Society Files for more information.

    7.0 Rules Hits and Misses Posted
    Submitted by William Haddon on 11/22/2013 - Society Admin

    The Fantasy Rules Committee has compiled a list of the 7.0 rules Hits & Misses into one easy document, found here. This is the errata for 7.0 with clarifications and corrections to the published rulebook.

    SSC Publishes BlueBook 2.12 (2013)
    Submitted by John Jones on 10/10/2013 - Society Admin

    The SSC has published the lastest version of the Blue Book, v2.12 (2013) for immediate use throughout Society. See SSC documents for the listing.

    Registry Audit Procedure Published
    Submitted by Olan Knight on 1/22/2011 - Society Admin

    Registry Audit Procedure is explained, including a FAQ
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    Everlasting One-Shots
    Submitted by Olan Knight on 3/25/2010 1:23:46 AM - Society Admin

    Remember your one-shots. Then remember to mark your pink sheets when you use them!
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    Keep Up!
    Submitted by Olan Knight on 3/16/2010 1:23:46 AM - Society Admin

    Keeping your paper files up-to-date saves time and hassle later. Read more to see how.
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    Who's Who Updated
    Submitted by Janice Gott on 3/9/2010 1:23:46 AM - Society Admin

    The IFGS Who's Who document has been updated. See Society Board Documents for details.

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